The Nursing Apprenticeships Forum will discuss how to deliver high quality and innovative nursing apprenticeships in order to meet the 2.3% target, and ensure that supportive and inclusive training programmes lead apprentices to a permanent nursing role within the health sector.

Attendees will hear from key experts and practitioners on the latest policy updates, effectively following Nursing Standards and successfully supporting training nursing apprentices.

Reasons to Attend

the support provided by Skills for Health to the health sector in delivering high-quality nursing apprenticeship programmes

how to utilise the apprenticeship levy effectively to build interest across the health service and attract nursing apprentices

understanding of the nursing standards and learn how to effectively embed them into an apprenticeship programme

the role of further education in delivering nursing degree apprenticeships

how to effectively utilise level 6 nursing degree apprenticeships to upskill the current workforce

how to successfully establish a robust nursing apprenticeship pathway

the current landscape of nursing apprenticeships across the health sector

with leading nursing professionals from across the country to share best practice and guidance

This Forum will bring together sector leaders from the Health and Higher Education sectors, with typical job titles including:
  • Heads and Deputy Heads of Nursing
  • Directors and Deputy Director of Nursing
  • Matrons
  • Chief Nurses
  • Quality Directors
  • Heads of Recruitment and Retention
  • HR Directors
  • Senior Nursing Lecturers and Professors
  • Ward Managers
  • Education and Professional Development Managers
  • University Programme Directors
  • Workforce Directors
  • Leads for Professional Qualifications
  • Career Advisors
  • Head of Degree Apprenticeships
  • Apprenticeships Manager,
  • Heads of Learning and Development

This Forum is also open to the Voluntary Sector, Further Education and Private Sector to encourage networking and discussion